Heat is a requirement for the successful cultivation of plants. If you want to enjoy new plants in the spring, the ideal time to grow them is in the previous colder months. A disadvantage is that the temperature in these months is often too low, especially at night. If you start cultivating then there will be a loss and many seeds will not germinate. In particular, seeds of tropical plants need a higher temperature, such as tomato, zucchini, paprika and melon. These germinate only at a temperature between 15 & deg; C and 24 & deg; C.

A cultivation box, or propagator, is an investment that benefits you. You can start sowing earlier because a propagator creates a suitable micro climate for your germinating seeds and young plants. They are available in various sizes and designs. Generally, cultivation boxes contain a transparent plastic lid with or without air vents and a heating element at the bottom of the box. You can choose from propagators with heating, temperature control or thermostat and with lighting. This allows you to regulate the light, the humidity and the temperature yourself. These are the three crucial aspects for optimal cultivation.

Grow boxes are designed to be used indoors and give off heat evenly to your chosen medium (soil, cocos or rockwool cubes). The accurate digital thermostats and heating make them ideal for a wide range of different plants. An ideal, indispensable cultivation necissity for the serious home grower!

Growing supplies

Of course, seeds can also germinate without propagator, but if you were looking for a solution to grow (tropical) plants in cold months, this is the perfect solution. Also useful are the following cultivation necessities:

  • Sowing or cutting pots;
  • Potting boxes;
  • Plant labels;
  • Soil testers;
  • Thermo hygrometers;
  • Garden tools;
  • Heating mats or cables;
  • Selfwatering systems.

Grow plants
  1. Take as many pots as you have seeds and fill them with soil;
  2. Wet the jars well and pierce a 1 cm deep hole;
  3. Place a seed in each hole and fill it up with some soil;
  4. Put the jars in a propagator and close the lid;
  5. Do not place the propagator in full sun, but in a place with shadow;
  6. Set the right temperature and give water as required.

After 14 days almost all seeds germinated and you can movethe propagator to a sunny spot with the lid open.

  1. Place with each plant a sate stick with a rubber band around it;
  2. Remove the cap and let the plants grow on their own as soon as they are 5 cm high and have leaves.

After a while you can feed the plants and possibly repot them. The result is strong and healthy plants with excellent root systems.

Ready for the next step? Go for a Dark Propagator!

With the Dark Propagator propagation stations from Secret Jardin you can considerably expand your grow room. You also optimize both the growth and flowering of your plants. The grow tents offer a maximum of 3 trays for extra cultivation space, which in turn has room for 70 to 900 cuttings. Ideal for the propagation and cuttings of mother plants, the germination of seeds and the pre-growth of seedlings and other pot plants. Complete with lighting: plug & grow!