Grass Seed Recovery is a grass seed mixture composed of grass species that tolerate both a lot of sunlight and some shade. The grass species have been specially selected for rapid germination; also at lower soil temperatures.
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Quickly and easily restore your lawn
Grass seed recovery is a grass seed mixture that is composed of grasses that tolerate both a lot of sunlight and some shade. The grass species are specially selected for rapid germination, even at lower soil temperatures. The lawn will recover evenly with minimal color difference. This grass seed is coated with a natural coating making it less attractive to birds. Graszaad Herstel is enriched with micro-organisms, this promotes root development and the speed of germination. The germination of Graszaad Herstel is guaranteed for several years if stored in a cool, dry and frost-free place. Suitable for all types of lawns and available in different packaging units.

  • With this grass seed you can perfectly sow shade grass
  • Grass seed contains a natural coating against bird bite
  • Contains fast-germinating grass seed for a dense lawn
Coated grass seed
Grass seed Recovery contains a natural coating that makes the grass seed less attractive to birds. The addition of unique microorganisms allows for faster germination, so your bald spots in the grass are quickly repaired.

Tips for quick recovery of bald spots in the lawn
After sowing, keep the soil moist until the grass is clearly visible
If necessary, mix the grass seed with Gazongrond for even distribution. Be careful not to sprinkle the grass seed too densely, this hinders germination

Instructions for use
  • Remove any moss / scarify
  • Loosen bare spots with a rake, level out and water
  • Then sow the bald spots and damaged parts of the lawn with Grass Seed Recovery. Divide the grass seed into two equal quantities. Sow one part lengthwise and the other part widthwise. Rake in the grass seed carefully and not too deeply. After raking in the grass seed, lightly press it down; this promotes the germination of the grass seed
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5.70 x 16.60 x 22.50 cm 0.60 kg
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8711731000017 EAN-13