On the C-Result bottles from Agrotech is written 'Best new coming product' and nothing is less true! The product ensures that your plants actually absorb 80 to 90% of the fertilizer they have at their disposal. Without the help of C-Result, this is only 55 to 65%. An increased intake during the flowering phase results in a higher and more qualitative yield of no less than 20% or even more.

In addition, the product is suitable for all substrates and water systems and you can easily combine it with any type of liquid fertilizer. C-Result is completely free from chemicals, it is both 100% organic and 100% natural.

Prevent complications with C-Result

Most complications during cultivation are caused by poor absorption of fertilizers. Despite the presence of sufficient nutrients, the roots do not absorb them well. In some cases, plants show no or minimal defects during the growth phase, but later in the flowering phase the problems will still appear. Often the following complications occur: yellow or light green plants, leaf defects, insufficient flower formation, open and almost no compact fruits, small fruits, shortened flowering phase, little to no resin formation, pH fluctuations and salt deposits in the substrate. In addition, fruit rot, insect pests, fungi and diseases can take over.

Vital plants with more flowers or fruits

C-Result brings all fertilizers that are in the soil to the plant roots. The statically charged molecules collect, as it were, the fertilizer elements and bring them to the roots. The roots then use the fertilizer elements that they need and "ask" for new elements. This action continues to repeat itself infinitely, so that the roots lose less energy in the search for fertilizers. From now on your plants recieve everything they need by simply giving them C-result once at the start of the fruit and flower formation (5th or 6th week of the flowering period).

The crop can focus undisturbed on growing, flowering and hardening of the fruits and flowers! As a result: you have got not only greener and more vital plants, but they also grow more flowers, larger/firmer and more compact fruits, form more resin and more final weight.